'The Marina' Martha Cove Project

The Marina Martha Cove


Working with a classic Hamptons-style house used for beach getaways, we set out to create a modern, mature outdoor space where friends and family can relax all year round.

This project’s design was based around a well-loved holiday home, considering the entire property. Our design needed to complement a luxurious, onsite, heated pool with a sun terrace overlooking the marina and hills of Mt. Martha.


The Hamptons-style home was designed with relaxing marina views in mind. The main social areas are set towards the back of the house, with access to the custom-made pool and sun terrace.

To connect the front and back yards, we used extensive travertine paving in a French pattern, hand-laying stones for a classic ‘Hamptons’ vibe. Stone was used extensively throughout the landscape. This created a seamless connection between the front pool retaining wall, sizable rear-house pillar, front garden retaining wall, front entry, and internal fireplace.

In keeping with the Hamptons vibe, eternal balustrading, entry gate and fence, and external staircases were two-pack painted off-site in stunning pearl white - the hardened finish chosen to withstand coastal elements.

To provide a mature landscaping feel, we planted established Magnolias and Laurel Bay trees to form an instant-aged boundary at the front and sides of the property. Buxus hedging and spheres contributed to various ground covers - including stunning white flowering perennials - creating a full, luxe look that’s green in all seasons. With underground drip irrigation, this yard is custom-made to thrive year after year.

We highlighted the front yard with a travertine-lined water feature to transform our client’s entire outdoor space. Garden lighting was installed for an added dimension and a touch of elegant sophistication.

To finish, oversized pots and Hampton planter boxes overflowing with striking lavender provide highlight statement features among a pristine, manicured lawn.


Working with a Hamptons-style home meant our designs must offer timeless elegance. Outside of design challenges, the site is 3-tiered and difficult to access. An existing pool installed before the home’s construction posed logistical challenges, with a crane and small excavator used to shape the lower and sun terrace, and drop in external staircases.

Champagne service

At Foliage Landscaping, we’re committed to protecting our client’s assets. Once the driveway and pathways were complete, they were covered and protected. We used a professional exterior cleaning service to ensure our clients could enjoy their new landscape as a pristine, completed package.

Features that makes

a Great Ambience

Luxury custom pool

Heated, in-floor cleaning system

Chardonnay seat

Glass window

Wet edge, imported Italian glass tiles

Extensive, quality garden lighting to highlight the garden at night

Mature plants were installed for an instant aged garden