Swim spa project-Mornington

Swim Spa Project-Mornington


We were engaged to design and construct a landscape around a swim/spa. Sally and Lyle were wanting to create a family-friendly entertaining area that incorporated a swimming pool for the kids and a spa for relaxing. A vision board of ideas was created by Andrea to give Sally and Lyle a sense of the style that would suit the area around the swim/spa.


The pool had already been chosen so we had set dimensions to work with. The area needed to include pool fencing and be compliant with pool safety codes. We chose a hardwood timber with a different profile to create a modern feel. We used one end of the pool area to create a feature with stone and corten steel to give interest and break up the dominating look of the timber.
Glass fencing was used to give a seamless feel between the yard and pool area. To ensure easy access to pool pumps and spa surround we designed deck hatches with recessed handles within the deck floor. Screen lights were installed to create a beautiful effect at night against the screen.

The Challenge

Pool safety compliance can be tricky. We needed to ensure all the climb zones were compliant. The pool gate needed to be situated close to the house end but still have enough room to open inwards as per safety regulations. The outside structure was made climb proof.

Our commitment: champagne service

We protected assets such as the driveway and entry to the property by limiting heavy equipment and vehicles. There were also time limitations with having the area prepared ready for the swim/spa to be installed by the suppliers.




Create interest

Adding extra elements such as stone and steel to a predominantly timber area adds interest

Add ambience

Lighting adds ambience and creates a feature at night

Add comfort

Seating is practical and also provides a destination

Project from Scratch