Rye Beach Project

Rye Beach Project


We were engaged to design and construct the pool and landscape in the backyard of Julians' holiday property. The brief was to create somewhere holidaymakers would want to rent and stay on the Mornington Peninsula. We created an inviting space with a heated pool and deck area perfect for a group of friends to sunbake or have a dinner party. The sunken area with built-in step seats is perfect for an open fire pit.


A hardwood screen was erected behind the pool to comply with overlooking issues into the 3 connecting neighbours. This was required for town planning and permit compliance. The same timber was used in the deck and pergola to give a clean modern look.
Bluestone organic pavers were used to connect the side pathway to the sunken fire pit area. Dichondra was planted in the spaces to eventually soften the area and give an informal feel.

The pool was equipped with heating, so it has the appeal to be used all year round. The plain retaining walls were dressing with OB timber in a vertical style to add interest to what would have been plain timber sleepers. Our favourite screening plant, Ficus Hilli Flash, was used to screen the boundary fence.

The challenge

The pool and the majority of the landscape project were not accessible by machine.
The entire operation was excavated by hand. We had a deadline for the Melbourne Cup day which we meet. The property is rented as an Airbnb so Julian needed to rent it at the beginning of the high season.

Our commitment: Champagne service

The driveway and front of the house were used to import new soil and remove excavation spoil from the site. The entire property was cleaned, and the nature strip reseeded where deliveries had been stored. A possi-track machine was used to deliver heavier items to the top of the steep site, the tracks on this machine create much less damage because of the way it runs on tracks instead of wheels like a traditional bobcat.


If you’d like pool decking to be a focus of your landscaping project, The Rye Beach project providesunique inspiration. Feel free to contact us on 1300 262 821, or via our Contact Us to discuss your project.

Features that makes

a Great Ambience

Connect areas

Organic bluestone pavers soften area where there is a lot of timber. They are also great for connecting pathways to larger paved areas

Privacy for sun bathing

The Hardwood screen is used for privacy and using a different profile timber gives it a modern look without dating.

Clever plant use

The use of plants within paving softens areas that have a lot of hard surfaces.


"Just wanted to thank you and the team for a great job pulling the deck and landscaping together on time and within my expectations. It’s been a pleasure from the first meeting, the designs and for your patience and understanding while I made various changes to get the desired result"

Julian Khoury

Ray Beach Scratch