Mt Martha steep slope project

Mt Martha Steep Slope Project


We designed and constructed on a steep challenging site for our clients Stephan and Nicole. They wanted to dedicate the back of their property to entertaining. They desired to have a dedicated alfresco area complete with an outdoor kitchen and a separate area for a firepit. The firepit area would be situated to take in bay views and on a clear day view of the city.


We created an extensive alfresco area connected through a garden pathway to a dedicated firepit area. We connected the areas with low maintenance mediterranean plants. The areas were defined with garden lighting. Olive trees were featured throughout some of the higher areas to create a natural screen from the neighbours that overlooked the area. Ficus hilli flash was used as boundary trees to create a hedge and screen boundary neighbours.

A natural rock pathway was created to link the house to the steep site to the rear yard. A selection of native grasses and mediterranean plants were used to soften the rocks to create a mature look.

The Challenge

The site was extremely steep and hard to access. An excavator was required to create platforms to create a safe site for staff and equipment. There were existing retaining walls that needed dressing up and including in the new design, removing them was not an option.

Our commitment: Champagne service

Access was through existing grass areas and via the main driveway. Large pebbles followed the edge of the driveway. Due to the amount of soil removed from the site it created a lot of mess through these areas. We reinstated the lawn areas with instant turf, the driveway was pressure cleaned and the large pebbles were washed and topped with the new pebble.


If you require hillside landscaping ideas, the Mt Martha project provides great inspiration. View the before and after images below and feel free to contact us on 1300 262 821, or via our Contact Us to discuss your project.

Features that makes

a Great Ambience

Instant garden

Natural rock stepsand planting with bigger size plants gives an instant mature look.

Hide the walls

Timber retaining walls planted black

Lights add ambience

Garden lighting to light up pathways and feature plants throughout the garden


Scratch design