Frankston South Project

Frankston South Project


We were engaged to design and construct the backyard of this Frankston South property. The house was newly built with a steep rear yard. We created a split-level backyard incorporating several focal feature points that were visible from many points in the garden.


Our clients wanted a water-wise garden that wouldn’t take a lot of maintenance to keep its Tuscan appearance. The imported pot creates a focal point from the outdoor alfresco area and dining room as does the recycled railway sleeper upright at the back of the garden that follows the curve of the grass under the mature oak tree in the far back corner. The garden naturally slops towards the house; the stairs become a highlight at night with cleverly incorporated garden lights. We levelled the area between the garden and alfresco to create another area to sit or entertain.


Spoil left over from the site cut when the house was built is expensive to remove so we used this to create a split-level in the back yard.

Our commitment: champagne service

To Protect assets such as the new driveway and the side of buildings, the alfresco area was lined in builder’s plastic and plywood to protect against wear and tear and unwanted concrete splash where the concrete base was poured for paving the alfresco area. The surfaces and windows were washed at completion so the owners could enjoy their new garden from day one.


If a contemporary landscape is a dream of yours, the Frankston South project provides great inspiration. Feel free to contact us on 1300 262 821, or via our Contact Us to discuss your project.

Features that makes

a Great Ambience

Mature tree to add scale

Incorporating the mature oak tree at the back of the property gives the garden a natural aged feeling

Highlight your garden

Lighting adds ambience and creates a feature at night, this can be applied to features such as trees, pots or stair

Add interest

Several features within the garden provide more interest than only one feature