Courtyard Project

Courtyard Project

Ingrid’s Dream

We were engaged to design and construct a courtyard garden that would be a long-lasting memory to Ingrid’s father. Ingrid’s father was an avid home gardener and was passionate about vegetables. Ingrid’s brief to us was to create somewhere for her to grow a small orchard with ample area for an outdoor table with shade for summer. It also needed to be dog friendly for Ingrid’s new puppy. We made a plan for Ingrid to endorse before we embraced development.


We chose to use raised garden beds for easy maintenance which also provides a dog barrier.

Bluestone French style pattern was included as a solid base for outdoor entertaining and easy maintenance to the courtyard area.

‘Big reds’ were chosen for the brick raised garden beds as a contrast to the bluestone paving. We capped the garden beds with bluestone to make an easy rest spot while gardening. Ground-level garden beds were designed to soften the edges between the raised garden beds and paving and furthermore as a draining point for the paving. We placed the garden beds in the rectangle area at different lengths to visually create rooms within the area. We wanted to encourage guests to walk through the area to discover what was beyond. The fences were painted black to give a neutral backdrop to work with. This doesn’t enhance the fence, it almost turns it invisible so the rest of the elements (garden beds and plants) stand out against it.


Create a multipurpose courtyard garden to grow a small orchard, with an entertaining space and dog-proof the area for a new puppy. The property had limited access as it is in a multi-unit complex.

Our commitment: Champagne service

We worked closely with Ingrid and talked her through each progression. We took extra care to make sure her property was kept clean and tidy throughout the job; care was taken to protect areas that may come into contact with construction material during the process. The walls of her house and windows that were in close proximity to the concrete base for the paving were covered with builder’s plastic to stop any concrete splashes. We presented the finished landscape clean and ready to use. All Ingrid needed to do was to pour the champagne and enjoy her new outdoor space.


Ingrid’s project provides excellent small courtyard ideas if you’re unsure about how best to utilise your space. View the before and after images below and feel free to contact us on 1300 262 821, or via our Contact Us to discuss your project.



Features that makes

a Great Ambience

French Paving Pattern

Bluestone paving laid in a French-style pattern.

Vibrant red blocks

Recycled ‘big reds’ bricks used to construct the raised garden beds to add a vibrant colour

Growing vertical Plants

Add plant support to boundary fences to grow plants vertically.


From the first time I sat down with Anthony and Andrea at my kitchen table I finally started to get excited about the 'void' that was my courtyard. They listened to my ideas and heard my aspirations, the knowledge and respect they bought to the equation in creating my sanctuary is second to none. Anthony, Andrea and their amazing team have gone above and beyond to make sure that I was happy every step of the way. The end result is a beautiful courtyard that is all I could have hoped for and more! It is a beautiful space that I will be able to enjoy for many years to come. I have no hesitation in recommending Foliage Landscaping to anyone that wants the peace of mind in knowing that they will get professional service, respect, knowledge, advice and a beautiful outcome. I can't thank you enough, very grateful!

Ingrid Altmeppen

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