Foliage TV

Foliage TV Episode 1: Before & After transformations

We are so excited to kick off our new video series Foliage Landscaping TV with an episode full of eye candy! This one is all about how spaces can be transformed! Small to large, coastal and perennial, gardens to pools and entertaining areas, this short video will show you some of our favourite new projects!

Foliage TV Episode 2: Brilliant botanicals

Episode 2 of Foliage Landscaping TV is all about Brilliant Botanicals! Take a look at the importance of correct plant selection, the different ways to use greenery, colour selection and different garden types.

Foliage TV Episode 3: Budgeting Tips with Joel Hood

For our next episode of Foliage Landscaping TV we have partnered with prominent Peninsula based agent to talk all things budgeting! It is important to know just how much to invest in your garden – overcapitalising if you are working on an investment portfolio is counter productive, but investing the right amount can exponentially improve your final sales price. We have all heard the hearsay about pools being a depreciating asset, but is there a place for it on the coastal market?

Foliage TV Episode 4: Concept to Construction to Aftercare

Permits, quotes, planning, blueprints… there are a myriad of speed bumps on the way to developing your ideal outdoor living space. This episode will break down everything involved in the process of concept design, to construction to aftercare of your dream design.

Foliage TV Episode 5: Design Trends

In an era of Pinterest, Instagram and magazines galore, we have access to more design trends than ever before. In this episode of Foliage Landscaping TV, discover the most fun, functional and aesthetic design trends we are being asked for across our various projects.

Episode 6: Garden Styles

Take a look at the various low-maintenance garden types that suit the peninsula. From raised edible gardens to lush three-level greenery spaces featuring English inspired hedging, this episode will show you exactly what works across the peninsula coastal climate.

Foliage TV Episode 7 : Surface Selection

Our final episode for Foliage TV: Dig below the surface for all the tips and tricks on making your garden as low maintenance as possible. From creating longevity with your investment to keeping away the weeds we will go rock bottom in setting the right foundations for your garden.