Roslyn Street

The 10 Most Common Landscaping Questions: Ideas and Solutions for Your Garden Project

No matter what size garden you have and no matter whether it’s a lush, meticulously landscaped oasis or a patch of grass
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Roslyn Street

7 Crucial Factors That Influence Landscape Design

Whether you’ve got a small upgrade planned or you’re gearing up for a total makeover, it’s important to know what factors will influencer your landscape design.
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Roslyn Street

What Permits Do You Need For a Landscaping Project?

Don’t run by the pool. Don’t drive without a seatbelt. Don’t overcrowd plants if you want a gorgeous garden. Whether we like it or not, life is full of rules.
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great pool design

Pool Landscaping Ideas: Everything You Need to Know About Great Pool Design

It’s summer in the Mornington Peninsula. The mercury is nudging towards 30 degrees.
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Tips to Help Grow

7 Bite-Sized Tips to Help Grow Your Own Edible Garden

Looking to spend less time in the supermarket and more time enjoying 100% organic produce from your own yard?
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Low Maintenance Plant

10 Best Low-Maintenance Plants For Your Garden

Looking to enjoy a low-maintenance garden that doesn’t require hours of effort each week? Let’s be honest, you love your garden.
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Landscape Paving: Your Guide to Choosing Stunning Pavers

Although landscape pavers don’t often get the same attention as plants or outdoor furniture, they’re just as important in creating a vibrant...
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Qualified Landscaper

Is Your Landscaper Qualified? 4 Benefits Of A Licensed Landscaper

It’s easy to pick up the phone and call the local gardener, or even to hire a friend of a friend who says they have “landscape experience”
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Outdoor Landscaping

5 Landscaping Trends Set To Dominate 2021

The less said about 2020 the better. But bring on 2021 because the garden design trends coming this year are all about celebrating the outdoor lifestyle.
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Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Lighting Ideas: 6 ‘Bright’ Garden Light Tips

There’s an art to outdoor lighting. Get it right and you’ll create a stunning garden space where light and shadow work seamlessly to elevate your Mornington Peninsula property.
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garden furniture tips

Outdoor Furniture Guide: 7 Smart Garden Furniture Tips

Outdoor living is a huge part of the Mornington Peninsula way of life. Whether your outdoor space is big or small, there’s an alfresco option.
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Low maintenance garden

Low Maintenance Garden Ideas: 10 Simple Design Tips To Save Time

Do you want to spend more time enjoying your garden and less time working in it?
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Landcape Outdoor Space

5 Crucial Reasons To Hire a Landscape Designer

Are you ready to transform your outdoor space?
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How to Weatherproof Your Outdoor Entertaining Area

Outdoor living goes hand in hand with the Australian lifestyle.
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outdoor shower tips

Don’t Install An Outdoor Shower Without Reading This Essential Checklist

Outdoor showers are booming in popularity. These luxurious additions suit beachside homes and properties with outdoor swimming pools.
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outdoor fire pit

Firepits and Backyard Applications

Firepits are a classy and stylish addition to your backyard and can evoke the same sense of camaraderie and ambiance of a campfire in your backyard.
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outdoor heating

Heating Options for Your Alfresco or Deck

Australia isn't the coldest place on the planet, even during winter. However, that doesn't stop the daytime temperatures from being a little cooler than what we'd like.
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pool building tips

Top tips for building a pool

The most important part of building a pool is the preparation phase, when you’ll decide the overall look of your swimming pool and hire a pool contractor.
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lawn tips

Lawn tips and summer spruce up

Summer is just around the corner. Now is time to do some of those maintenance jobs so you can enjoy your garden to its fullest potential.
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