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Anthony grew up in country Victoria and helping in the garden, working alongside his Mum, Bev, was where he developed a deep love of plants and order. After leaving school, he spent his late teens into his twenties on various golf courses working his way up from apprentice to second in charge. A battle with leukemia cemented his desire to turn his passion into a job of a lifetime.
Anthony started the company' Foliage Landscaping’ ten years ago, after spending several years with two prominent landscaping companies. His passion for landscaping is imbedded so deep the only way to fill his desire for perfection was to start his own business. Andrea has always been a part of the company. Behind the scenes initially reconciling the accounts and working full time as a Vet Nurse, she has become an integral part of the business. Having met at a country pub in Anthony's home town, they shared a mutual passion for gardening.

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Twenty years married they share their love for landscaping at work and home. Their evident passion and dedication is apparent in the landscapes they produce together. Not submitting to one style they get their inspiration from what inspires their clients. Never switching off from work they are both in love with style and design, inspiration comes from many outside media. They are always looking to incorporate textures and layers to give a sense of atmosphere within a new space.
Their extensive garden is forever evolving with different trends and experimenting with different plants. It has mementoes to both their Mothers, who have both been lost to cancer. Their garden is a special place that holds memories and provides a sanctuary of peacefulness and closeness to family and friends. It is a place that can make you feel happy, sad, peaceful and loved all at the same moment. It is a place to connect or disconnect; it is a place that can envelop you and make you feel safe.